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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a shredded sleeping bag is all that's left after a camper's confrontation with a mountain lion. good evening, everyone. i'm janelle. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. we begin with breaking news in oakland. a 3-year-old boy is fighting for his life tonight. the 3-year-old was rushed to the
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hospital after a 911 call. police arrested the mother, stepfather and babysitter. now, they want to find four other people associated with that couple. >> we wantu÷ey-sp)q sure we can verify they are not harmed and suffered any type of physical abuse, such as the 3-year-old. >> if you have information on the whereabouts of those children, you are to call the police department immediately. be careful if you head to the backwoods this fourth of july. a warning about mountain lions in the east bay. not unusual to see them. but the news comes just days after a marin county man was attacked by a mountain lion.
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>> reporter: that mountain lion attacked when the camper slept under his sleeping bag. all campers should be on the lookout for mountain lions, especially in castro valley. there are signs posted. mo marshmallows are roasting. this family is escaping san francisco and gettingxd back to nature this fourth of july. >> smells all of the wilderness. >> reporter: there are wild animals here. signs warn campers to be on the lookout for mountain lions. >> i saw signs not to disturb them. ye @(t&h& been nothing more than sightings. but a man came face-to-face with a mountain lion sunday. the 63-year-old was attacked
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while asleep in his sleeping bag. he woke up to a feel lion swatting his head. lab technicians examined his sleeping bag. the man survived the attack but has cuts on his head, arm and back. fish and game is tracking the mountain lion, hoping to kill it before it attacks someone else. in castro valley, people are seeing wildlife big cats woul(úo be interested in eating. >> the deer. the turkey. >> reporter: no mountain lion sightings. and most want to keep it that way. >> there were more people here tonight. hopefully they won't come. >> reporter: the park and fish and game says the marin county man is recovering at home. and a team of dogs and trackers are out there, searching for that mountain lion. they will continue to search for the bholiday.zxks, jean.
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there's thousands of mountain lions in california. but attacks are very hair. out of the 17 victims, 11 people survived. we have developing news in mourn california. another danger this fourth of july. live pictures as firefighters in southern california, are battling a 200-acre brush fire in the city of palmdale, about 60 miles north of los angeles. it is spreading quickly. at this point no, reports of any evacuations. firefighters are on the scene, working to contain this fire. a man is in jail when police found explosives in his home.
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he is facing a long list of felony charges. police got tipped off and went to his home in the mission district on caustuesday. officers found the equivalent of more than 12 sticks of dynamite. luckily, no one was hurt. a big win for the 49ers against santa clara county today. a court granted a restraining order, freezing development funds. voters approved the money to go towards the new stadium. but the money was diverted to the county. and the county wants to yuz the money for other things, like education. the 49ers released a statement saying, we remain optimistic that when the merits of the case are heard, the court will support the people's decision. outsourcing tech support.
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outsourcing police and fire. and now, add park maintenance to that list. the public works department was hit hard by cuts. nbc bay area george kiriyama joins us. it's hard to believe they're outsourcing those jobs. >> reporter: no matter where you live, people want the high quality of life. in mill by tass, they're used to a high standard of living. >> you know, it's been clean. they maintain the area very well. >> reporter: long-time residents say they like living in milpitas. but a private company will now
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maintain the city's 29 parks. >> it is concerning. but like i say, we have to wait and see how well they do. >> reporter: more than 40 milpitas workers were let go because of a budget short fall. that means one in six city workers were laid off. of the 40, the hardest hit was the maintenance department. >> trees are going to blow down and things. they're not going to get the response they're used to. and everybody will go, what happened? >> reporter: the quality of life he enjoyed are directly tied to the long-time city workers who were laid off. >> you have the guys that are been here doing a the job. and now this, is what you're left with. >> we're going to have to get back too the city and get meetings done. and say it's not working out.
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>> reporter: we talked to the city manager off camera tonight. he said it's unfortunate the city had to lay off so many people. but the city has no choice. and the city is in) a better financial situation for the future. a mother of two is fighting for her life in the east bay after a violent home invasion robbery. three men forced their way into her union city home. and things got heated when the gunman found a safe and demanded a code. the victims didn't know ooh it. fearing for his safety, the son fought back. one of the suspects beat him with a gun and started:qíñ shoo. his 62-year-old mother was shot in the chest. but her husband isn't feeling anger as much as empathy. >> people are hungry. and they want to feed their family. probably this is the only means they know now.
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>> this is the second invasion robbery in union city. san francisco mayor ed lee will not use tax payers money to fly mirkarimi's wife back to venezuela. mayor lee is behind a push to remove mirkarimi from office, after the sheriff pled guilty to a domestic violence charge involving a bruise on his wife's arm. mirkarimi has admitted to bruising her in front of his 2-year-old son. fear of fireworks this holiday. a painful one for some. the independence day irony veterans are facing at home. plus -- >> i couldn't imagine raising a daughter in particular in a
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world that's to object if ied. a candid conversation about opening up about private moments. apple prepares to release another blockbuster they call a small feat. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. it's warm today. even hotter tomorrow.lp temperatures in the upper 70s and for xdlivermore, expecting clear skies. this country was built by working people.
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a daring dog rescue in oregon tonight. daisy, a 2-year-old pit bull was missing for a week. she was in a quarry, curled up on a small ledge. they lowered a firefighter down to where daisy was. she was put in a harness and lifted to safety. independence day is for honoring our country and our veterans. for some, it's the lingering effect that could hurt the celebration. >> reporter: fireworkers usually bring about smiles and excitement for many on independence day. but for mow, who is camera-shy, a fireworks display could remind
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her of combat. she suffers from ptsd. the popping that mimic gunfire could send her over the edge. >> sound. possibly the smell. >> reporter: her best friend was killed next to her on the bootle field in afghanistan. on the eve of the fourth of july, it's unknown how many veterans past or presence, suffer from ptsd. >> if you come here, if i work in the kitchen, some people will want to leave town. some will want to go where you can find solitude. >> reporter: or participate in an art show, like the one here on van nes street. army veteran, starr lara. >> we have different
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psychological services. where you can get psychological counseling, social work, case management, to figure out what it is you're dealing with. >> reporter: dealing with ptsd is not easy. but there's support for veterans who need it. he put it on the top of his list. craigslist founder, craig newmar gave the vet center ability to updating their center. his donation will go towards upkate dating the commuter at the vet center. there's a fight to bring back foie gras. a producer filed a lawsuit to strike down the california law that went into effect july 1st. the law, which prohibits
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products devooifed from force-fed birds is vague and unconstitutional. it's being called a major milestone in the fight against hiv. today, the fda approved the first over-the-counter home test for hiv. officials say it's about 92% accurate. the fda says the tests should be used as a screening tool. positive tests should be confirmed by a doctor. scantily-clad starlets. they're the misrepresentations of women that girls are bombarded with every day in the media. jennifer newsome, the former first lady of san francisco, is tackling the issue in a documentary. the new mom has gone from actress to activist and proving she is not just a pretty face. and says your daughter shouldn't be one, either.
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>> the media is the message and the messenger. >> reporter: these are the images that sell. >> breast implants. did you have them or not? >> reporter: women at the top of their game say they're manufactured messages. selling women short. >> who's going to be taking care of your children? it's one of those questions i don't think a man has been asked. reducing women into youth, beauty and sexuality. >> getting hurt by the media. how long is it going to take for somebody to take a stand? >> i couldn't imagine raising a daughter, in particular, in a world that's so objectified. >> reporter: the actress-turned
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filmmaker moved to challenge sexism and the underrepresentation of politics by the most fundamental of female experiences. >> there's moments in life when you begin to see things more clearly. when i found out i was pregnant with a girl, everything came into focus. i wanted to create a world where women were valued for more than their youth, their beauty and sexuality. but for the ability to contribution at the world at large. >> reporter: that meant looking at herself. her own time in front of the camera and exposing a painful pass. >> a few days before my 7th birthday, my older sister, stacy, died in an accident. i blame myself for her death. i battled guilt and sadness.
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>> reporter: private interspection made public by the wife of a politician. people say gavin newsome stood by his woman. >> he was sad for me. and also, very respectful of any courage to put it out there. >> reporter: she also put him out there. and his position as san francisco mayor to have a female police chief and a female fire chief. >> people thought i was trying to make a grand statement. when in fact, i was hiring the two most qualified candidate. >> reporter: they'll take the documentary to campuses across the country, and to schools in her own backyard. she's created the curriculum meant to empower girls and bw challenge boys. fresh ideas for educators. >> i want my daughter to be fearless. see herself as a leader.
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i want my son to see all that a woman can be. and to be respectful of women and to value women. >> reporter: and what newsome is hoping, a national rebirth of the journey to womanhood. >> what do you think, montana? are you ready? >> newsome wants us all to be ready. she is hoping her film will help girls and boys not toe buy into the media messages about womanhood. "misrespectation" has several screenings in the bay area. to get it in your school or home, go to nbc and search misrepresentation. let's check in with jeff with a check of our forecast. >> you're looking so festive tonight, ladies. red, blue, and of course a little bit of white on.
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the current numbers. low to mid-50s. by all accounts, a comfortable evening, especially across the east bay. let's look at the live network. in san francisco this, is what the fourth of july. not too much in the way of fog. that's a sign of what's coming our way in the next 24 hours. let's bring you back to the weather headlines. we find the fog along the coastline. fourth of july, we could see three to five degree increases. and the seven-day forecast, it's going to get warmer for us. all of the weather we've had is coming from this high pressure. it's the same area of hot air that's produced triple digits across the four corners and generated the wildfires. the system to the north is going to moderate our conditions.
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we'll be somewhere between. 60s and 70s for the coastline. and look for mid-80s for the east and the south bay. stying warm through thursday. for 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, fog in marin, along the immediate coastline. we're clearing out, throughout 2:00 and 1:00 p.m. here's the hitch. by 10:00 p.m., fog redevelops i long the coastline. that might bring in clouds in san francisco. mid-50s across the board for your wednesday. daytime highs will be warmer in the south bay. 85 in san jose. 86 in pleasanton. 90 in concord. san francisco going up to 73. and 77 in oakland. how about san francisco? if you're head down to the embarcadero for the fourth of july, we'll have a sliver of fog about 9:30 when the fireworks
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take off. temperatures in the 50s. it doesn't look like a fogout. i think visibility will be good enough to get an excellent view oaf what is going to be happening. again, at 9:30. and for the inland areas, don't get worried in the east bay, south bay or north bay, you're looking at clear conditions. we could have two years in a row of awesome fireworks weather. be careful if you're not doing a professional thing. it's dry out there. >> right. [ horn honks ]
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small may be the next big thing at offal. they are reportedly making a miniipad. the ipad miniwill have a seven-inch or eight-inch screen. it will reportedly come out by the end of this year. the smaller ipad is priced to compete with the kindle and
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deviced by google and microsoft.
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i'm mindi bach at the sports desk. tim lincecum has found his stride. but tonight, another big misstep for the cy young award winner. 93-degree heat. washington up 3-0 in the third. and ian desmond sends this over the left field wall. lincecum gave up eight runs in 3 1/3. and bryce harper hits a hit down the left field line. and the nationals win easily, 9-3. >> just coming here and dealing with that heat. it's not like it's anything
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different that we've dealt with. got the better of me for those innings. red sox/a's. this is why you stay until the final out. a's down 2-1. cris carter will come around and tie this game up. coco crisp gets the sacrifice fly. cliff pennington comes around to score. the a's win 3-2, in their sixth walkoff of the season. >> well -- at least it tastes good. i don't know if i can open up my eyes. it's in my nose. it's good. thanks. it tastes good. how do you top coco? with whipped cream.
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mls. the timbers take an early lead. quakes trying to come back. chavez buries it. the earthquakes are only down one. but the comeback falls short, as the earthquakes lose 2-1, the final. and raiders fans have to say good-bye to ben davidson, who lost his fight to prostate cancer. >> a sad note. value slam with... bacon.he $4 y
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wait... yeah... well, yeah, bacon. and my eggs sunny side-up. no, umm, over-easy. the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 great choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's.
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios chuck e. cheese is getting a makeover. he is trading in the baseball cap for an electric guitar. the company is struggling to revive sales at more than 500 restaurants. the first one opened back in 1977 in san jose. it's part of the revamp.
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the restaurants will serve gluten-free options and send party invitations with the help of e-vit. >> i love that place. the tokens and the tickets. >> kids love it. >> change them now. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> have a happy fourth. good night.
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